Turning Your Tower Garden Into a Flower Garden

Turning Your Tower Garden into a Flower Garden

Tower Garden makes it fun and easy to plant, grow, and harvest fresh fruits, delicious veggies, and flavorful herbs. There are endless crops that can be planted to help growers eat better and live healthier. But did you know you can also use your Tower Garden to grow your favorite flowers?

Similar to leafy greens and other nutrient-rich crops, flowers thrive in our aeroponic gardens. Whether you’re looking to brighten up a room or have flowers ready for a special occasion, growing flowers with Tower Garden is fun and easy.

Follow along as we explore ways to create your own personal flower garden.  

Tips for Flower Gardening

With Tower Garden, growers of all skill levels can experience success with flowers. To get you started, here are a couple things to take into consideration.

Tower Garden Placement

To avoid the harsh elements and unpredictable forecasts, try growing your flower garden indoors. Not only will this help brighten your home, but indoor growing also provides you with complete control of the conditions impacting your garden, allowing your flowers to bloom year-round.

For example, with Tower Garden HOME, you can ensure your flowers receive the perfect amount of ‘sun’ and ‘shade’ throughout the day with the LED grow lights that come standard with this unit. Indoor growing also allows you to set the ideal temperature for your plants, which often sits between 60-75 F. 

With all this being said, if the weather is cooperating and forecasts align with the needs of your flower garden, you can also grow outdoors with your Tower Garden FLEX.

Planning Your Flower Garden

There are endless combinations you can plant to create the perfect flower garden. Whether you’re looking to experiment with different species or stick with a single blossom, it’s good to have an idea of what you want to achieve with your flower garden.

Spend some time researching different flowers and pay attention to the ideal conditions needed for seed growth.[TT2]  Once you’ve done that, we recommend grouping flowers based on light, temperature, and maintenance required. Taking time to plan before you plant will lead to better results down the road.

Types of Flowers You Should Grow

There’s nothing better than the sight of a Tower Garden covered in colorful petals. One of the joys of growing a flower garden is choosing which seedlings to grow. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

To give you some inspiration, here are four of our favorite multipurpose flowers to grow in your Tower Garden.



Commonly known as Pot Marigold, this flower adds a summery color to any garden. Known for its beautiful yellow and orange flowers, the calendula is a perfect complement to any fruit or veggies you may already have growing in your Tower Garden.

Available in dwarf size, this versatile flower can enhance your garden without taking up too much precious real estate. If you’re looking to add color to your salads, the calendula’s petals are also edible and known to keep pests away from other crops.

Dwarf Sunflower


It’s hard to go wrong planting sunflowers in your Tower Garden. With the right conditions, this iconic plant can bring summer vibes to your home anytime of the year. While the full-size sunflower may encroach on your other crops, the dwarf variety fits perfectly in Tower Garden’s aeroponic planter ports. 

Indicative of their name, sunflowers require a lot of sun to grow, roughly 6 to 8 hours a day. With LED grow lights, growers can replicate these conditions with ease in their home, even if it’s dark and gloomy outside.



Violas are an annual flower that come in a variety of different colors, with some blossoms featuring multiple colors in each bloom. In addition to bringing vibrance to your Tower Garden, violas are edible, making them excellent for garnishes and salad ingredients.

In contrast to our previous two mentions, violas are typically a cool weather flower that stops blooming when the summer months arrive. With that said, if you plan to grow violas indoors, we recommend keeping your home under 70°F. Trust us, the colors are worth it!



Nasturtium is easily one of the most popular flowers among Tower Garden growers. Featuring bright greenery and vibrant petals, this edible plant will stand out in any flower garden. In addition to their aesthetics, you’ll enjoy the flower’s enticing fragrance.

Another reason for nasturtium’s popularity is that it takes little maintenance yet yields rewarding results. Native to Central and South America, expect to see a beautiful mix of white, yellow, red, and orange.

Buying Flower Seeds & Seedlings

We’re fortunate enough to have partnerships with many reputable vendors that supply our Tower Garden customers with amazing seeds and seedlings. Below are a few suppliers to check out when shopping for flowers. For a full list, click here.



Flower Garden Inspiration

Check out how other Tower Garden owners have created flower gardens of their own.

Nasturtiums by @fitperry

Dwarf Sunflower by  @christamthomas

Mixing veggies and flowers

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