Healthy, Green and Fresh! These Recipes Will Sustain You All Week-Long

Earth Day brings us joy for many reasons. It gives us a yearly excuse to really love on the planet, and celebrate Mother Earth for all she brings us: countless species of animals, endless varieties of plants, and beautiful natural wonders.

This holiday also can serve as a reminder to incorporate eco-friendly practices into our daily lives to not only maintain but improve the health of the environment.

We already know that the aeroponic technology used in Tower Garden helps the planet by serving as a sustainable water source. And to continue in the spirit of sustainability, we thought we’d share some recipes from some of our favorite food blogs that will keep you sustained for many meals after you make them!

Each one of these recipes use fresh ingredients that can be plucked right from your Tower Garden, and can be made in large quantities for leftovers the next day. Or, if you’re one to meal-prep, they can be implemented in your weekly bulk-cooking session!

Spinach and Kale Soup

We love a soup that also acts as a salad by featuring lettuces and greens as the main ingredient. Harvest your spinach and kale crops to create this highly-nutritious soup from Green Kitchen Stories.

Tahini Pesto Pasta Salad

Making your own pesto at home is one of the easiest ways to save a few dollars (plus, it tastes better than store-bought and it makes your entire kitchen smell delicious)! Try out this homemade pesto pasta from The Full Helping using fresh Tower Garden basil!

Mini Pepper Chicken Nachos

Sheet pan dinners are great for the weeknight because they require minimal clean-up, and you can cook a lot of food all at once! Use a few of your peppers to create this fun and healthy meal from The Defined Dish.

Baked Herb and Pistachio Falafel

There are so many ways to eat falafel—in a pita, on a salad, by itself—that it makes it a no-brainer kitchen staple. This recipe from Sprouted Kitchen allows your fresh homegrown herbs to take the spotlight.

Sheet Pan Ratatouille

If you’ve experimented with eggplant, you know that there is a thousand ways to use them in the kitchen. Ratatouille, like this one from Feasting at Home, is a great option, plus you can throw in some other fresh Tower Garden vegetables. And, like we said before, we’re big fans of a sheet pan dinner.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

We love this soup from Running on Real Food because it’s hearty and filling, but not too heavy to serve at lunch! We all know that Tower Garden broccoli is superior to anything you’ll find at the supermarket, which makes this soup even more flavor-packed! 

Grilled Pumpkin Bread with Honeycomb

Craving something sweeter? This pumpkin bread from My New Roots uses real pumpkins, which you can grow right from your Tower Garden! Make a loaf, and snack on it all week long.

Will you be celebrating Earth Day by making some delicious and healthy treats for yourself and your friends? Let us know in the comments.

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